Texas Trails – Houston
The following are Trails and Beer location in Houston. So if you live in Houston or just visiting check some of these out. The first place I am going to talk about what meany consider the crown jewel of Houston Parks system.  

Memorial Park

Memorial Park Opened in 1924, the park covers approximately 1,466 acres (6 km2). It is located just west of downtown on Memorial drive. It has a number of distinct areas for trails.

Memorial Park Loop (Seymour Lieberman Exercise)

  • The Memorial Loop official called the Seymour Lieberman Exercise trail
    • Distance: This is a 2.93 mile trail
    • Elevation Change: < 100
    • Use: Runners, Walkers and Hikers. No Bikes or Horses, Dogs on leash only
    • Link: Route Link
    • Start: The trail starts Memorial Park tennis Center.
    • End: The trail ends Memorial Park tennis Center.
    • Surface: The trail is made up crushed granite and packed-earth.
    • Trail Markings: There are ¼ mile concrete markers each way
    • Safety: The trail is well lit and is the most used trial in the city. But, cars have been broken into and it is advised to run with someone during nighttime hours.
    • Water:   There are water fountains
      • At the start two outside the tennis center 1 at the warm up deck.
      • At the .8 mile if going counter clockwise.
      • Close to the 1.5 mile mark.
      • Also inside the tennis Center
    • Bathrooms
      • At the start inside and outside the Tennis Center
      • At the start – Porta Cans
      • At the .75 Mile mark going counter clockwise – Porta Cans
      • At the .80 mile mark going clockwise – Porta Cans
    • The tennis Center has a smoothie bar, Showers and restrooms.
    • Near the tennis center there is a stretching deck
    • There are exercise stations from the 80’s next to the stretching deck and around the trail.

Memorial Park Track

  • The Memorial Park Track is a ¼ mile loop across from the tennis center.
    • Distance: .25 miles
    • Elevation Change: 0
    • Use: Runners, Walkers and Hikers. No Bikes. Horses, or Skaters
    • Link: Route Link
    • Start: The trail starts across from the Memorial Park tennis Center.
    • End:  The trail ends across from the Memorial Park tennis Center.
    • Surface: The surface is asphalt
    • Trail Markings: There are 3 100 meter marks in addition to the start finish line.
    • Safety: See Memorial Park Loop.
    • Water: There is a water fountain at the start.
      • Also see Memorial Park Loop.
    • Bathrooms
      • See Memorial Park Loop

Memorial Park Trails (Ho Chi Min)

  • The Memorial Trails also known as the Ho Chi Min Trails is made up of x number of official trails in addition to official trails there are a number of old trails that have been blocked off to cyclist but are still used by runners and hikers.
  • Best Trail running within the city of Houston.
  • Used BY HARRA for their free fall and spring cross country series.
    • Distance: Depends on the start and Finish. My typical Thursday run is ~6 miles starting at the Rugby field to Crestwood entrance and back on the green. (See link below)
    • Elevation Change: < 100 feet ?? – Many good elevation changes for the Houston area.
    • Use: Runners, Walkers and Hikers, Bikers. Not sure on Horses
    • Link: Route Link
    • Start: Many see official trail map.
    • End: Many see official trail map.
    • Surface: The trail is mostly single track dirt with roots and logs on the trail. Some wood bridges on some of the trails. Many good elevation changes and depend
    • Trail Markings: There are wooden trail markers for the different trails that are color coded.
    • Safety: See Memorial Park Loop
    • Water: There is a 3 water fountain and 1 hose
      • At the near the baseball fields
      • At the bathrooms near the Fruit Loop.
      • At the corner of Memorial drive and Crestwood. This is across the from the Crestwood entrance to the trails on the far east side of the park.
      • There is a hose at the far west end of the baseball parking lot.
    • Bathrooms
      • Several Porta cans at the Rugby parking lot
      • Porta Potty at far west end of the baseball field parking lot.
      • There are bathrooms at the Fruit Loop.